Importance of having an online portfolio

I am finally able to spend a bit of time creating something that I have wanted for a long time. An online portfolio. It is important as a designer to have your best work in a space that others can view and learn a bit about you and your work. As a designer you need to be able to show your work in a space that fits you and also your intended audience. So, I have finally taken the time to create a space for my work. I have enjoyed the process and am happy overall with the result. I have a long way to go to finish the site and make needed changes, more uploads for my portfolio and so on. But, the process has started and that is the important part.

The reasons (and importance) of creating an online portfolio are based on your future wants and needs. It is great if you are developing a freelance business or looking for another job. Your online portfolio will increase your online presence. And this is where future employers will see a bit of your work. It can also be a platform to show potential clients your work and your existing clients. It makes them feel more comfortable that they are indeed working with a professional.

Another reason for creating an online portfolio is that it forces you to take a look at your own work and evaluate what is working the best. A lot of pieces don’t make the cut, and that is okay. Only put your best work out there. It is not quantity, but quality. It also serves as a reflection of what work you have done and what you would like to do. I found myself writing up a list of what projects I would like to work on next. Filling the holes that I see in my own portfolio.

As a designer you are always growing and learning. Take the time to evaluate your work and use this as a learning experience. Designing the look of your portfolio is as important as the content that goes in it. Be patient, be picky with your own work and make it be something that the view wants to look through.

Design is thinking made visual — Saul Bass