CCFA Social Media

CCFA Social Media

Social Media used will be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With this I will be focusing on personal stories of those with IBD. Instagram would be images of those managing and their stories. Images that would show a portrait of the individual and also a few more images that would tell a bit of their story. Another element would be Instagram videos. These would have to be short based on Instagram guidelines, but give a short glimpse of an everyday life. Twitter would be have takeover days in which different days show a different view on the diseases. One day (or few days) would be a doctor, another someone with Colitis or Crohn’s, another a parent of an IBD child. Facebook would have mini stories that let those who have the disease talk about how they are living with the disease. I would also create a Facebook page specifically for those suffering with IBD for a way to connect with each other.

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