CCFA Website

This is the hub for all information in the campaign. The disease is misunderstood, as most chronic illnesses are, but this also carries the stigma of embarrassment. So, those who suffer do so in quiet. But, as it is a systemic condition help and support are often needed. This campaign is built
to empower those who have the disease and also educate those who know someone with it.
A newly diagnosed section would send you a care package if you sign up for more information. There would also be downloadable (and customizable) letters to your family that can explain what the disease is and how they can help. In the section about learning more there would be videos. You can create your own social media graphic based on information that you are able to input. This would make an infographic to share on social media with the look and feel of the campaign and tell a bit of your story. Enabling you to spread your message and empowering you to share your story.