Student Testimonials

Typography Students

“This class is fantastic, and I am insanely disappointed that it will be online-only next year, although I am certainly glad that it is still offered. Although I enjoyed Graphic Design prior to this course (It’s my minor!), this course made me extremely excited about not just Graphic Design but art and design in general. This course was challenging, exercised my creativity, and definitely gave me a new appreciation for design. Although I knew I would enjoy this class going in, this class has ended up being my favorite of the entire year, and Leslie is a wonderful prof to teach it. This class was essential in helping me improve my design skills and interests.”

“Leslie is a very helpful teacher.”

“Leslie has been one of my most favorite professors. She’s excellent. She really cares and will do whatever it takes to help her students. She makes me want to do good and try my hardest, which is rare.”

“Leslie is a very good professor. She is quick to answer questions, she is always on top of her stuff, always prepared for class, hardly ever late, manages the course exceptionally, teaches all the things that need to be taught to meet the needs to the course, goes one step further than most professors do when helping students, very quick to respond to emails, and she is just an all around great professor.”

“What a great Teacher and woman. She inspires me and I love having her as a teacher.”

“Leslie Miller had done a good job in making the class material interactive so that all her students liked it and work for their better.”

Graphic Design Students

“I enjoyed having you has a teacher and I learned a lot about the digital aspect of designing.””

“Really loved Leslie as a professor! Very insightful and enjoyed the projects in the class.”

“She was incredibly fair and did a good job of explaining design aspects that the textbook could not.”

“Great professor. I loved the projects as synthesis pieces. I would have preferred to do more book work out of class (maybe with quizzes for responsibility) and more projects in class. Great class overall!”

“I loved this class and was glad to get more experience in the Graphic Design field. Thanks for a fun semester, Leslie!”

“What a great teacher and professional.”

“Leslie is just great. She is very patient and very helpful . I definitely enjoyed to have her as my teacher. She is awesome.”

“I was able to learn a lot from this course and teacher.”

“An excellent professor!”

“Great teacher. I learned a lot fast and it will stick with me through my life.”

“I really enjoyed this class and it definitely helped me learn more. Great job!”

Web Design Students

“Great semester! I really enjoyed the class and having you as a professor! I learned a lot and have gained more confidence with design and creating for the web.”

“Leslie is a great instructor. I learned a lot about web design and web sites in general. I’m glad I took this class.”

“Excellent course – I loved it! I really appreciated the thoughtful feedback on the major projects. All of your comments and suggestions on them made perfect sense and were great points, and they helped me to think about design more critically. Your graphic design skill is very apparent in all the materials you have prepared for the class, and I’m glad to get your feedback on my work!”

“Great about responding to emails quickly!! That was super helpful. Option to resubmit projects with corrections really helped and allowed me to learn from my mistakes.”