I am a graphic designer, business professional, educator, and student. I strive to continue learning and pushing myself and hope to push others to succeed as well.

When I graduated college in 1999 I wanted to get into the world of advertising, however it was a bumpy journey in getting there. I finally landed my dream job as a graphic designer in an advertising agency and worked my way up to art director after a few years. I was drawn to advertising because of the mix of talents and people involved in creating something great.

After leaving the advertising agency setting to raise young children and work on freelance work I wanted to teach. I got the opportunity at a local college. With that position I wanted to push my education further to give back to my students. I had a goal to learn as much as I can about the industry that I am teaching. I attended the Academy of Art University I where was able to blend my Advertising MFA degree with several Graphic Design courses. I wanted a new challenge in the Advertising degree, but also wanted to push my boundaries on graphic design as well. I can honestly say that my MFA journey actually gave me more than I was expecting. I have grown as an art director, graphic designer, and most importantly a teacher.

My goal in my graduate work was to gain as much knowledge and push myself further as an artist and designer. I feel you never stop growing and learning if you allow the process. I want to be the best that I can be and strive to give my best on all my work in the classroom as a student and teacher. 

I have been teaching graphic design and communication at the college level for the past ten years. In my years as an art director, I was responsible for a number of large name clients (Bank of America, BOOST, Notre Dame, etc.). My expertise includes conceptualizing and executing designs in web and print, as well as photo direction and production.